At DTLA Chiropractic, we proudly offer our patients convenient access to Pilates classes as an integral part of our approach to holistic healthcare. Utilizing the highly effective and safe techniques developed by Joseph Pilates, our class leaders strive to ensure you get the full benefits that Pilates offers. Whether you utilize our Matwork or Reformer sessions, you’ll be able to enjoy a quick workout that has proven advantages over other exercise forms.

As a low-impact exercise, Pilates targets the core, stabilizing your foundation and improving posture, flexibility, and mobility. By focusing on proper body alignment, Pilates exercises support and enhance chiropractic treatments and physiotherapy techniques. Being both preventative and restorative, Pilates can improve endurance and strength while preventing future muscle injuries.

Find out from your DTLA chiropractor today if adding Pilates to your treatment plan is right for you. We strive to make it easy to integrate Pilates into your journey to optimal wellness.